Programming notes

1. Godbolt

Compiler explorer to explore the compiled version of source code in over 69 languages.

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2. Computer systems a programmer's perspective

3. C

A practical guide to programming in C.

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Advanced C 
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4. CLang

Clang is an "LLVM native" C/C++/Objective-C compiler.

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Clang static analyser  <-

Clang tidy <-

5. Brew

To switch off anonymous analytics


brew analytics off

6. Pyenv

To install multiple python versions on a MacOS , pyenv seems to work well, here is how


#To install pyenv

brew install pyenv

#To list all available python versions 

pyenv install -l

#To activate an environment globally

pyenv global <python_version>

#To activate an environment locally inside a folder 

pyenv local <python_version>