Masala Chai


I am convinced that Masala Chai, or Masala Tea, has done for India what Sushi has done for Japan and Pizza for Italy. Literally translated as 'spice tea,' this is my ode to Masala Chai.

the moment

The reason I decided to write about Masala Chai is because I saw someone buy 204 cups of Masala Tea worth SGD 508 at a chai tea store in Singapore. This person was not Indian and appeared to be purchasing the tea for an office event. This blew my mind.


Although I have been drinking Masala Tea all my life, I never realized until this moment that Masala Tea is indeed India's equivalent of pizza.

I recalled that it wasn't just in Singapore, but in a cold and windy New York, a dry and hot Abu Dhabi, a misty Hong Kong, a rainy Mumbai, summer in Tokyo, and winter in Milan —everywhere I found Masala Tea.