Best places to eat in Singapore


These are my favourite restaurants to eat in Singapore. In my 6 years + of living here, I have come to like these places and frequent them often.


I can't eat spicy food and don't like overtly oily or salty food. I don't eat beef, but eat almost all other meats. I prefer cooked food, unless Japanese and I don't mind indulging in sweet dishes once in a while.

Here's my list of favourite restaurants ( in no particular order)

Nude Seafood

Located in downtown Singapore, food is great. You can even ask for a Jatin's special, that's how often we visit them. One of the most important reasons for the high quality dishes that are available here is that the restaurant owners own the entire sea food supply chain. I love the seafood bouillabaisse stew.

Due to the high quality of seafood available here, Japanese seafood dishes are quite amazing.

They are usually closed on Mondays or when the restaurant is booked out for marriage functions. So do check in advance before going.

They now have a new outlet in the Punggol area of Singapore.

Website :

Viet Taste

Located inside the Food Court at Level 3 in Great World City . IMHO, This is the best Vietnamese food you can get in Singapore.  In fact, the huge queues of people thronging it is a giveaway as to how good the restaurant is.

I love the barbecue chicken with rice, but the noodles with soup and other dishes are also great. You can also get local beverages from Vietnam.


Relocated to OUE Downtown, this is the famous Indian vegetarian restaurant where you eat what you want and pay what you want.  This restaurant is named after Hindu Goddess of  abundance , prosperity and nourishment.

They are open for lunch and dinner and usually closed on Mondays.  This is a buffet style restaurant, with a lot of variation in dishes being served from day to day. Most of the dishes are South Indian cuisine, with a few dishes from North and even vegetarian chinese dishes available sometimes.

Eating food here is usually like eating inside a Hindu temple. Highly recommend to experience it.

There is also a conventional restaurant Annalakshmi Cafe in the same building, that serves breakfast and lunch, but has a priced menu for South Indian food.

Douraku Sushi

Located in the Gardens by the Bay, Douraku Sushi is the best Sushi place that I have eaten at in Singapore amongst the hundreds that exist. Apart from the ingredients, I found this restaurant serve the freshest wasabi.

Website :


I strongly believe that Indian food in Singapore genuinely sucks. Although Little India has tons of Indian food options. I don't like most of them, if you are looking for high quality North Indian food.

Yarana , located in the Singapore National Stadium complex is the only exception. I genuinely find the food at Yarana great. Its the closest to North Indian comfort food that you can find in Singapore.

++ The location is also great.

Website :

Dopa Dopa

One of the best ice-creams that you can eat in Singapore. They offer nut based gelato and their butter gelato collection is my favorite.

Wee Nam Ki

The best place for the iconic Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore. Located in Novena, this is a must visit restaurant for those want to experience authentic chicken rice.

Website :


Great Israeli themed food. Love the rotisserie broken chicken and hrami with many other amazing dishes, including great vegetarian options.  The pita bread is also great.

Din Tai Fung

The Taiwanese restaurant chain is one of the most ubiquitous restaurants in Singapore, yet you find them almost always full. The food is lovely comfort food. Watching the dumplings being made is almost a therapeutic experience as you wait for your turn to enter the restaurant.
If you are new to Chinese food, Din Tai Fung can be a great primer to Chinese food.

Website :


Great greek food. Love almost all the dishes there that I have eaten. Must visit.

Website :


Matcha truly is a better alternative to coffee. Matchaya is the best matcha I have had in Singapore. My favorite is the matcha ice-cream. But they have a wide selection of items.
You can also buy ceremonial grade matcha from them.

Website :


Our family's  favorite cake shop in Singapore. Wonderful collection of fruity cakes with unique flavors. Recommend stopping by their cake shop / cafe for a drink and taste their cakes on offer.

Website :

Pita Bakery

Vegan pita restaurant, with amazing sauces. Located in Bugis, highly recommend grabbing at least a pita pocket. This is a small restaurant, so seating can be limited. Some sauces can make the food very spicy, so be a bit careful.


Called Restaurant Aisiyah. Is a great Muslim Chinese restaurant introduced by my dear friend Lingxiao .

PS: The restaurant has shut down


Located in the Milenia Walk , this Turkish restaurant is a lovely place to eat.  Its great for vegetarians as well. They are open till 9pm, which makes it a great place for supper.  As any other Turkish place, the kebabs and the ice-cream are great, as is the tea.

But one of my favorites is the Lentil Soup, as someone from India, the lentil soup is very different to the lentil soup that we have in India. Its not just warm but also refreshing.

Website :

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