Empathy is all you need

How empathy can predict inter personal relationships, success of teams and more.

Once upon a time there was a businessman, mild mannered and kind. He cared deeply about his customers and would serve them even if the customers would be disrespectful. One day one of his employees asked him why do you go above and beyond to serve your customers, its not like they will go around and talk about our company and we would get more business. In fact , I see many times your kindness is taken advantage of.  And yet , you don't say anything and keep serving customers without any discrimination. Why ? This is not good for business.

The business man said I do it for myself not for them - I do this because, I feel their pain and until I solve their problem, I cannot feel better.  The Employee was taken aback. He countered, but this is a business and not a charity. The businessman replied - ' Yes, this isn't a charity, its a business, but the reason we exist is to help solve our customer's pain and to be able to do it for as long as possible we charge them for our services. '

The employee shrugged - ' I don't understand'

The businessman replied - ' Let me recount a few situations from my experience, which would help you understand why I do what I do, keen to hear ?'The employee said - 'Yes, but let me get some matcha tea for both of us'

As both the businessman and the employee sat down sipping on their matcha tea, the businessman started recounting incidents